Our private credit strategy seeks to outperform traditional direct lending approaches by focusing on specialized lending and opportunistic credit.

  • Specialized Lending: While traditional direct lending focuses on cash flow loans, we prioritize investments backed by tangible assets and alternative forms of collateral. Our lending centers around specialized themes that exhibit favorable conditions for lenders. 
  • Opportunistic Credit: We complement our primary origination with investments in distress, special situations, secondaries and esoteric assets that offer equity-like return profiles.
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Invested capital and current client mandates in Private Credit

Our Focus Areas

Flagship Strategy

  • Comprehensive solution across specialized private credit and opportunistic credit 
  • Strategy emphasizes non-banked, proprietary deal flow across the US and Europe 
  • Portfolio construction includes dozens of curated loans across borrowers and industries 
  • Focus on collateral quality, bespoke credit structuring, and tight covenants 
  • Targets equity-like performance driven by contractual returns

Customized Mandates

  • Capability to deliver differentiated private credit and opportunistic credit solutions 
  • SMAs/Funds-of-ones 
  • White label and sub-advisory solutions 
  • Strategic partnerships 
  • Execution across primary origination, funds, and joint ventures 

Seeking Capital?

Are you operating within a differentiated credit arena? We foster collaborative relationships with those who are executing well in sectors not favored by the broader markets.

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Meet the Private Credit Team

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