HighVista’s Venture Capital Strategy’s principal mission is to invest in those specific early-stage venture funds that are most likely to back the next wave of category defining companies.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience sourcing and evaluating venture funds and enjoys market leading access to some of the venture industry’s premier fund managers. We construct strategically concentrated portfolios with an early-stage emphasis complemented by select exposure to growth stage, market leading companies.

Investing in venture capital since 1995
Raised and committed 18 venture funds
$3.4B+ / 300+
$3.4B+ invested across 300+ fund commitments globally

Points of differentiation


Investment perspective shaped by engagement across market cycles

Early-stage Emphasis

Optimal point of entry to yield a portfolio geared for outperformance

The Right Access

Access to leading managers, differentiated as much by exclusion as by inclusion

Moderate Fund Size

Strategically concentrated, forcing a “high bar” for manager selection

What We Offer Our Clients

Three strategy components that make the others better:

Primary Investments

  • Designed to be strategically concentrated in strong performing, access-constrained funds
  • Emphasis on early-stage where we think the potential for outperformance is highest
  • Information technology focus with select commitments to life sciences and blockchain


  • Growth stage investments in commercial stage companies with reduced technical risk
  • Enhances the strategy’s return profile given typically shorter duration before liquidity

Secondary Investments

  • Focus on smaller, mature venture secondaries in highly restrictive managers or key target assets
  • Leverages the venture capital team’s institutional knowledge of underlying assets

Meet the Venture Team

Senior Advisor

Vice President

Vice President