HighVista’s Biotechnology Strategy recognizes biotech as a distinct asset class with significant return potential and low correlation to other portfolio holdings.

Since 2009, we have been actively investing in the space, analyzing thousands of biotech opportunities, and establishing it as a crucial pillar for investor portfolios.

We believe our Biotechnology Strategy provides investors with exposure to the unique growth potential and diversification benefits of the biotech sector. The strategy comprises partnering with investors whom we believe are highly skilled specialists, that have complementary strategies and areas of focus, who invest with high conviction in a concentrated manner. Our Biotechnology Strategy also includes a directly-held portfolio. Leveraging our expertise, extensive network, and partnerships, we navigate this dynamic landscape, by seizing attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities and positioning our clients for long-term success.

public companies, 20% of total public companies by number
Nearly 15 years investing in the space
of capital invested in the space

Why Biotech Equities?

A Large and Growing Economic Pie

US spends almost 20% of GDP on healthcare, and world expenditure on healthcare is only growing

Society will pay for true innovation that improves and extends life

Pharma pipelines are in constant need of replenishment

Thriving Investment Space

Exceptionally large and fertile investment opportunity set

Event-rich space with great capital needs

Fundamentals driven by scientific success = uncorrelated outcomes

Opportunity from Structural Inefficiency

Dependence on science requires deep domain expertise

Active investing “paradise” for small specialist investors

Non-overlapping strategies provide true diversification and more efficient alpha capture

Meet the Biotechnology Team

Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Senior Associate