Our Opportunistic Private Credit Strategy is designed to identify and invest in credit investments in inefficient markets.

We focus on fragmented and dislocated markets where we believe we have the opportunity to target strong returns while seeking to protect downside through a focus on conservative underwriting, collateral, and bespoke structure. Our strategy is backed by a developed network of proprietary relationships, providing us with specialized domain knowledge and execution capabilities well beyond our immediate team.

We aim to capitalize on complex situations in markets that others may overlook, with a focus on driving attractive returns while mitigating downside risk.

Years investing in private credit
Opportunities reviewed by team in the last year
Invested capital and current client mandates in Private Credit

Flagship Opportunistic Fund

  • Commingled fund emphasizing proprietary deal flow in alternative private credit across the US and Western Europe
  • Robust portfolio construction with significant diversification by borrower and borrower type
  • Returns driven by capital scarcity and complexity
  • Downside protection driven by structure and collateral

Customized Mandates

HighVista has built a strong network of specialist partners and can invest flexibly, depending on the needs of our clients:

  • Fund Investments
  • Secondaries
  • Co-investments
  • Direct Investments
  • Origination Partnerships
  • Strategic or Growth Capital

Seeking Capital?

We foster collaborative relationships with specialist investment partners, transcending conventional approaches to best suit the underlying opportunity sets.

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Culture of Risk Management

  • Rigorous due diligence and credit underwriting focused on capital recovery
  • Emphasis on seniority and conservative capital structure
  • Bespoke loan negotiation emphasizing covenants
  • Diversification across asset types, sectors, themes, and geographies
  • Low intra-deal and market correlation

Meet the Private Credit Team

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