HighVista Strategies

Investment Approach

HighVista’s platform has three investment capabilities held together by a singular focus on capturing inefficiencies across the capital markets. Our investment approach is:


Focused on long-term outcomes


Thoughtfully diversified across asset classes and geographies


Anchored by exceptional fund managers and selective direct investment strategies


Opportunistic and dynamic, which enables timely reaction to changing markets


Dedicated to capital preservation as an important driver of returns

Core Strategies


MULTI-ASSET strategies

  • Our multi-asset strategies combine our niche focused and systematic strategies with tactical asset allocation and other opportunistic investments which create portfolios that strive to balance attractive returns with a given risk tolerance
  • We are dedicated to capital preservation and utilize the time-tested principles of endowment investing
  • Our forward-thinking application of risk management is a rigorous and value-added part of our investment process


  • HighVista has a 15-year history of investing in specialist managers focused on inefficient and niche areas of the public and private markets
  • Our far-reaching network aids significantly in our ability to discover, diligence and access smaller and capacity-constrained managers
  • We actively co-invest alongside our managers in high conviction positions

Systematic Strategies

  • We utilize systematic investment strategies to capture persistent outperformance associated with well-known factors
  • HighVista has a 10+ year history of designing and implementing these strategies across multiple asset classes and market environments
  • Our systematic strategies are liquid and designed to be simple yet robust with a focus on capacity and efficient implementation