HighVista Strategies

Investment Approach

We focus singularly on achieving attractive risk-adjusted portfolio returns through investing across public and private markets. We utilize the time-tested principles of endowment investing and a forward-thinking application of risk management. Our investment approach is:


Focused on long-term outcomes


Thoughtfully diversified across asset classes and geographies


Anchored by exceptional fund managers and selective direct investment strategies


Opportunistic and dynamic, which enables timely reaction to changing markets


Dedicated to capital preservation as an important driver of returns

Core Capabilities


asset allocation

  • We have extensive experience in designing asset allocations for a range of portfolio objectives, balancing the desire for attractive returns with risk tolerance and other important constraints
  • Our dynamic risk-based approach to asset allocation helps to build diversified portfolios that can effectively react to changing market conditions

Manager Selection

  • We have a 10+ year track record of partnering with premier investors around the globe, aided by a far-reaching global network
  • We dedicate substantial efforts to the early identification of talented emerging managers with whom we can develop valuable long-term relationships
  • We focus on uncovering investments in inefficient or immature markets, and seek out specialized managers with whom we can access these opportunities

Direct Investing

  • We utilize direct investment strategies as a core component of our diversified portfolios, capturing systematic risk premia to enhance portfolio returns
  • Our direct strategies complement our suite of talented external managers as a diversifying source of return, while improving our control, risk-management and liquidity, all at reduced overall costs

Risk Management

  • Our proprietary risk management approach is a rigorous and value-added part of the investment process
  • We dedicate substantial resources to understanding current market conditions, each investment’s risk profile, and how investments interrelate as part of a diversified portfolio
  • We can deliver tailored solutions by integrating a portfolio of active investments with a dynamic risk overlay